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Chestnut Laundry

Chestnut Laundry  

Chestnut Laundry is located at the corner of Route 57 and Chestnut Ridge Roads in the plaza on the southwest corner near Convenient Foodmart, Uncle Al's Pizza, Hershey's Ice Cream and Subway. 

Chestnut Laundry is an unattended laundromat consisting of 8 frontload single load Maytag washers, 8 topload single load Maytag washers, one 60 pound frontload Maytag washer.  We have 16 dryer pockets currently and are working to expand our capacity.  We will be installing 2 35 pound washers where the current non-working 50 pound washers are.

We have recently installed our new change machine.  This machine is secured to a steel base which is bolted to the floor using half inch bolts and reinforced with steel. 

If you're interested in assisting us and the Elyria police in finding the suspects who stole our last change machine please review this document:  press/CrimePics.2013.04.14.pdf.  If you have any information regarding who these people are please send us an email at our contact page.  Thank you!

Together we can take Elyria back from the malcontents and miscreants!

Welcome East Broad Street Laundry Customers

We are pleased to welcome customers of the East Broad Street Laundry.  They were our fiercest competitor and with their closure we are willing and able to more fully invest in our store.  It is our hope that with enough of their former customers giving us a shot we can afford to grow our business to the state of providing the level of service you've come to expect.  Acting in the "value slot" of the laundromat business is tough. 

We immediately took action to purchase two additional dryer slots to give us a total of 16 excellent and hot dryers.